‘Inventing Anna’ and the Warning Signs of a TV Con Job

The Cold-Call Montage

The Accent

“Based On The Story Of a True Story”

10+ “Central” Characters

A Character Dressed Like This

“People Squat in Fields Every Day”

Exit Survey: Who should be most upset with their depiction?

  1. Jessica Pressler (Vivian Kent — played by Anna Chlumsky): Not sure that being portrayed as an uninterested mother with a Charlie Day-inspired detective wall in the nursery and some dubious journalistic standards was what Pressler had in mind when she learned her likeness would be featured in a Netflix series.
  2. Todd Spodek (played by Arian Moayed): Apparently the price of being depicted by an actor objectively more handsome than you is having your innermost inadequacies and family neglect put on full display.
  3. Anna Sorokin (Played by Julia Garner): We’re not a very literate country. Outside of the circles who read long-form, New York Magazine exposes, not that many people had heard the name Anna Sorokin or Anna Delvey before the show. I understand she craves fame — I’m guessing this isn’t the type of fame she envisioned.
  4. Rachel DeLoache Williams (played by Katie Lowes): Could your stomach handle the roller-coaster ride of getting whirled around the globe with VIP treatment before suddenly being put on the hook for over $60,000, losing your job, and then parlaying all of that into a successful book deal — but now, years later, being depicted as a spoiled opportunist? I hope the real Rachel has some Dramamine.
  5. Alan Reed’s Daughter: Alan Reed (played by Anthony Edwards), the attorney who co-signs Delvey’s financial legitimacy without due diligence, isn’t a real person. The depiction of his character, based on New York real-estate lawyer Andrew Lance, takes many liberties — one of which is the portrayal of Reed’s daughter (played by India Ennega). I don’t know if Lance has a daughter in real life, but if he does, I’m sure she’s probably somewhere saying “what the fuck?” Her dad gets conned by a girl barely older than she was, and now she’s taking jabs on Netflix as a proxy for spoiled millennials, and in case that wasn’t enough, it’s implied she begged her dad for money so she could attend Fyre Fest? Tough beat.



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Jordan A. Kirsch

Jordan A. Kirsch

NYC by way of PDX — Writing about TV, culture, and sports.